Trump Just ROASTED Bill Bar in Epic Truth Social Post…

In a fiery social media rant, former President Donald Trump ripped his former attorney general Bill Barr.

In his post, Trump called out the former attorney general for being ineffective and weak. He also referred to him as a “Bushie” who was petrified of being impeached. The president claimed that the Democrats would do this until Barr changed his mind about the 2020 election’s legitimacy.

Trump also referred to Barr as a “weak RINO” who was incapable of knowing anything about the alleged document fabrication. He called him a “disgrace to the Republican Party” and claimed that he had caved to the Democrats.

Trump appeared to be reacting to Barr’s opinion piece, which was published in the New York Post. In his article, Barr criticized his former boss.

After he and Trump parted ways in December of 2020, Barr supported the legitimacy of the presidential election. He had also criticized the allegations of fraud made against the election.

Trump was criticized for his actions regarding the White House’s possession of documents. According to Barr, the president violated the Presidential Records Act by taking them to his private residence in Florida. He also stated that the Department of Justice has the necessary evidence to indict the former president.

In March 2019, Barr delivered a four-page summary of the Mueller report to Congress. However, in a letter to Barr, Robert Mueller stated that his report did not contain enough information to properly describe the findings of his investigation.

A year later, US District Judge Reggie Walton criticized the summary of the report. He said that it was misleading and had been made to appear as if the attorney general was trying to create a one-sided narrative regarding the report. He also questioned if the attorney general was trying to create a factual basis for the report.

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