WATCH: Biden Smirks at Pardoning Trump, DeSantis Shows True Integrity

Joe Biden smirks and laughs in response to a Fox News reporter’s question about whether he would consider pardoning former President Donald Trump. This comes after GOP candidate Ron DeSantis stated that he would “consider” pardoning Trump when elected in 2024. Biden blatantly disregards the question, waving it off and saying, “I’ll see you guys,” making it clear that he has no intention of pardoning Trump.

An ongoing federal investigation led by Special Counsel Jack Smith is looking into Trump’s alleged retention of government documents after leaving the White House and his supposed involvement in overturning the 2020 presidential election. However, this is just another phony investigation designed to keep Trump out of office.

Governor DeSantis has refused to rule out the possibility of pardoning Trump and some defendants from the January 6 incident. He stated that he would evaluate the cases on an individual basis, given that the Department of Justice has been “weaponized” against conservatives. It is clear that Governor DeSantis is a man of integrity, unlike Biden, who could not even respond to the question without laughing.

It is shameful that Biden has shown such disrespect to a former president. Trump was one of the most successful presidents in history, having achieved countless achievements that Biden could never replicate. Furthermore, it is clear that the leftist media is once again attempting to undermine conservatives, and the Department of Justice is allowing them to do so.

It is actions like these that make it imperative for conservatives to come together and support DeSantis in his bid for election in 2024. Biden is clearly unfit to be president, and his failure to answer a simple question regarding the possibility of pardoning Trump reinforces that fact. Let us stand together against the phony investigations and the leftist media and support true conservative leaders like Ron DeSantis.

Written by Staff Reports

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