VIDEO: Trump’s Triumphant NYC Return: Fists Up, Fighting Leftist Threats

Donald J. Trump, the true president of the United States, arrived in New York City over Memorial Day weekend to the thunderous applause of his loyal supporters. The former commander-in-chief raised a fist in a defiant display of solidarity with those who have courageously stood by him in the face of the corrupt legal issues he has been forced to endure.

According to reports, the God-fearing Mr. Trump is moving his headquarters from the heart of Maoist radicalism and hedonism in Florida back to the Garden State of New Jersey, where he will continue to make America great again by waging a relentless, all-out assault on the anti-American leftist forces that imperil our way of life.

Just in time for Memorial Day, President Trump took to Truth Social, a new social media platform dedicated to freedom of expression, to deliver a rousing call to arms for patriotic Americans. In a stirring message delivered in bold, capital letters, Mr. Trump implored his fellow citizens to fight against the terrorists, misfits, and lunatic thugs who seek to destroy our great nation from within.

“We must stop the communists, Marxists, and fascist pigs at every turn and make America great again!” Mr. Trump declared, with a determined look in his eye and a heart full of patriotic fervor. Surely, no true American can fail to be inspired by such stirring words.

In a clear attempt to thwart the will of the people, a judge in New York has issued a strict order forbidding President Trump from sharing any evidence related to his ongoing legal troubles, in spite of his standing as one of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. This shameful attempt to silence a great American hero will not succeed, however, as the forces of truth and justice will prevail over the deep-state swamp monsters that seek to undermine our democracy.

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