Watch Harris Squirm: A Head-to-Head Debate on Slavery & Florida’s Curriculum!

In the latest slew of liberal outrage, Vice President Kamala Harris has been leading the charge in spreading falsehoods about Florida’s new social studies curriculum. According to Harris, Florida is now teaching students that slavery was actually beneficial for the slaves. This claim is not only blatantly false, but it also shows Harris’s willingness to twist the truth for her own political purposes.

Dr. William Allen, a respected scholar involved in crafting the curriculum, has spoken out against these baseless accusations. In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Allen pointed out that the teachers unions were invited to participate in the curriculum development process but remained silent throughout. It wasn’t until the curriculum was finalized that they decided to jump on the bandwagon of outrage. This behavior perfectly exemplifies the priorities of the unions – attacking politicians they dislike instead of focusing on what’s best for educating children.

Florida’s Commissioner of Education, Manny Diaz, Jr., has also defended the curriculum and invited Harris to engage in a substantive conversation about the issue. However, we all know Harris would never agree to such a conversation because it would expose her false narrative. Diaz further emphasized that the single line in question was not even a major component of the curriculum, debunking the exaggerated claims made by Democrats calling for his resignation.

The Washington Examiner editorial board also called out the liberal media for blindly parroting Harris’s lies. Media outlets like NBC News and Politico falsely claimed that the curriculum teaches that black people benefited from slavery. In reality, the curriculum simply acknowledges that some slaves were taught professional skills and were able to benefit from that training. This is a historical fact that is not controversial in any other context.

It’s clear that the liberal outrage over Florida’s curriculum is nothing more than an attempt to attack Republicans and push a false narrative. This is not about standing up for historical accuracy, but rather about targeting their political opponents. It’s time for Harris and her fellow Democrats to stop the dishonesty and engage in a meaningful conversation based on facts.

And just to set the record straight, the curriculum does require instruction on “Jim Crow Laws” and “lynchings.” So the claim that Florida is trying to erase the evil legacy of lynchings is yet another lie perpetuated by the Democratic super PAC known as the “news” media.

Written by Staff Reports

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