White House Denies Biden’s Apparent Senility Despite Growing Video Evidence

In recent times, many videos have surfaced showing President Biden appearing senile during public appearances. This has raised concerns about his physical and mental well-being. Despite this, the White House has tried to downplay these concerns by claiming that Biden is mentally sharp behind closed doors. However, the evidence on video paints a different picture.

One of the most recent incidents occurred during the G7 summit in Italy, where other world leaders were seen guiding Biden as if he needed assistance. Instead of acknowledging these videos, the White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dismissed them as “cheap fakes.” This attempt to discredit the videos is a blatant act of deception.

It is concerning that the White House is resorting to such tactics to deflect from the reality of Biden’s struggles. By labeling the videos as fake, they are not being transparent with the public. It is essential for the American people to trust their own observations rather than what the administration wants them to believe.

In conclusion, the attempts to discredit the videos showing Biden’s senility are dishonest. The American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders, especially when it comes to the health and well-being of the President. It is vital to hold those in power accountable and not ignore the evidence presented in front of them.


Written by Staff Reports

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