White House Slams Hamas Hostage Video: Pure Propaganda!

The White House issued a robust and essential condemnation of a Hamas video as “propaganda.” The White House security spokesperson, John Kirby, stated that Hamas was trying to whitewash its terrorist deeds by presenting a female hostage receiving medical attention.

Video of 21-year-old Mia Schem, one of the captives taken during the deadly attack on Israeli villages, shows an unnamed medical worker treating her damaged arm. In the video, Schem identifies herself and says her captors “took care of me.” Kirby is convinced Schem was coerced into making these claims.

Kirby ripped the video as “despicable” and “deplorable.” He noted the hypocrisy of Hamas capturing hostages and then posing as caregivers. The White House isn't buying this excuse and continues to assist Hamas' victims.

The Israeli military was outraged by the film, which Hamas used to strengthen their reputation. Unexpectedly, an Israeli forensic team found abuse in 80% of victims in one targeted group. This evidence reinforces Hamas' atrocities.

As the world remains shocked by Hamas's acts, the international community must cooperate to free the victims. President Joe Biden is prioritizing the safe rescue of American captives, according to the White House. Stop Hamas' terror and return these innocent hostages to their families.



Written by Staff Reports

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