White House Unveils: Income Falling Behind Soaring Spending, Not Inflation’s Fault!

In a surprising moment of honesty, White House Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jared Bernstein admitted that personal spending growing faster than personal income is not because of inflation, as many conservatives have argued, but rather because of the so-called “strong labor market.” It seems like the Biden administration will use any excuse to defend their disastrous economic policies.

Bernstein even went as far as claiming that real wage growth is higher than what the government’s official statistics show. Well, maybe he should share his magical formula for calculating wages, because the rest of us are struggling to see any real improvement in our paychecks. This just goes to show how the Democrats will say anything to spin their failures as successes.

Of course, Bernstein couldn’t resist patting himself and the Biden administration on the back, claiming that their policies are putting money in people’s pockets. It’s convenient how they conveniently ignore the skyrocketing gas prices, the rising cost of groceries, and the overall inflationary pressures that are hitting Americans hard. But hey, as long as they can talk about a “strong labor market,” they must be doing something right, right? Wrong.

The truth is, the Biden administration’s reckless spending and misguided policies are doing nothing but making life harder for hard-working Americans. They claim to care about the American people, but their actions speak louder than their empty words. It’s time for conservatives to stand up and fight back against this economic disaster.

Written by Staff Reports

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