White House’s Late-Night Biden Push on Supreme Court Backfires Badly

The White House’s decision to rouse Joe Biden from his slumber for a late-night attack on the Supreme Court has left many scratching their heads. Following Biden’s lackluster debate showing, the White House and Biden’s team orchestrated a rushed address to respond to the Trump v. United States Supreme Court ruling. This attempt to divert attention from Biden’s debate disaster only backfired.

Biden’s speech, lasting a mere four minutes, was essentially a campaign spiel filled with falsehoods and delivered with all the vigor of a sedated sloth. Calling on Americans to judge Trump’s actions, Biden stumbled through his lines, raising doubts about his fitness for office. The address, which urged voters to consider the implications of Trump’s behavior, did little to inspire confidence in Biden’s leadership.

Despite the brief duration of the speech, the focus shifted to Biden’s noticeably tanned complexion. In a bizarre attempt to distract from his cognitive decline, the White House opted for a spray tan, leading to more social media chatter about his appearance than his actual words. This cosmetic cover-up only further highlighted the issues plaguing Biden’s candidacy.

As calls for Biden to step down intensify within the Democratic Party, these desperate attempts to prop him up only serve to highlight his vulnerabilities. The spectacle of a spray-tanned, stumbling Biden only reinforces the concerns about his ability to lead the nation effectively.

Written by Staff Reports

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