Whitmer Eyes VP Spot as Dems Weigh Biden’s 2024 Viability

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, sensing an opportunity to possibly carve out a future on the national stage, hasn’t ruled out the wild idea of being Kamala Harris’s running mate if President Joe Biden decides to hit the exit. Whitmer, known for her love affair with Michigan’s state politics, suddenly finds herself thrust into the Washington limelight, go figure.

Whitmer, ever-proud of Harris, lauded her as a super capable vice president. She didn’t shy away from explaining that Harris stepping into Biden’s shoes in the 2024 ticket would just be the “natural conclusion.” She claimed her passion lies in state politics (because, who wouldn’t love a good snowstorm and potholed roads?), but she didn’t completely close the door on Washington, saying she’d “never say never.” Making those kind of definitive statements on The View, no less, where all top political ambitions are announced.

Predictably, Whitmer backpedaled on earlier reports suggesting she told Biden’s team that Michigan, a crucial swing state, was a lost cause for Democrats. She claimed that winning Michigan wouldn’t be a cakewalk but didn’t think a 2-point trail was worth celebrating or lamenting. Clearly, nothing says confidence in your party like prepping everyone for a potential loss.

Among the brave Democratic warriors supporting Biden, Whitmer stands firm despite the growing whispers about his viability after an unimpressive first debate performance. She shrugged off speculation that Biden might step aside as merely a distraction. Whitmer is laser-focused on “governing and campaigning,” and would prefer the speculation about her national potential vanish into thin air. Hard to ignore those headlines when she’s penciled right into them. 


Despite the Democratic camp’s insistence that Biden won’t drop out, polling shows the only candidates who have a shot at beating Trump are Harris and Hillary Clinton. Clinton, who already had her shot at Trump and missed, is apparently still seen as a viable option. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Meanwhile, within the Democratic ranks, there’s a circus of opinions on Biden’s future. Sen. John Hickenlooper decided to dodge the topic entirely, while Sen. Tim Kaine called for an end to the party’s division. Nothing like a little unity plea amidst a dumpster fire.

With the Democrats teetering on the edge of chaos and the likelihood of another Trump showdown looming, Whitmer’s cautious toe-dip into national politics speaks volumes. After all, in the blue corner, no one’s ever quite sure who’s going to throw their hat in the ring next.

Written by Staff Reports

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