Why On Earth Should Strangers Pay Off Your Student Loans?

In today's entitlement-driven society, we've reached a new low. Imagine walking up to a stranger and asking them to foot the bill for your coffee. Now, imagine instead of a coffee, it's thousands of dollars in student loans. Yes, it's just as outrageous as it sounds. The idea that someone else should bear the burden of your personal financial decisions is a prime example of the entitlement culture that has taken root among some people today.

A Culture of Handouts

Where did we go wrong? Once upon a time, there was a sense of personal responsibility and accountability. If you chose to take out a loan, it was understood that you would be the one to pay it back. Now, however, there's a disturbing trend of expecting others to pick up the tab. It's a mindset that says, "I deserve it, and someone else should pay for it."

The Real World Doesn't Work That Way

In the real world, debts are your responsibility. If you borrowed money, it's up to you to repay it. This principle is what keeps our economy functioning. If everyone started expecting their debts to be paid off by strangers, we'd quickly find ourselves in chaos. The expectation that someone else should pay off your student loans is not only unrealistic but also unfair to those who have worked

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