Wilmington Residents Critical of Hunter Biden Amid Recent Conviction

In a recent article, it was reported that some Wilmington residents are not big fans of the Biden family. Many individuals in the area expressed their thoughts on Hunter Biden’s recent conviction, and the responses were quite critical.

It seems like Hunter Biden’s troubles have not gone unnoticed in Wilmington. Some residents even joked about his issues, with one person mentioning a street corner as “Hunter’s street corner” where he was known to have smoked crack. This kind of behavior certainly reflects poorly on the Biden family.

Some residents expressed their surprise at Hunter’s conviction, with one man stating that he believed Hunter deserved what he got, along with other Bidens. The sentiment among some individuals was that if Hunter were a black male, he would have faced harsher consequences for his actions.

One woman boldly stated her belief that Hunter should be behind bars awaiting his sentencing, emphasizing that she thought he was guilty of the charges against him. Another person who claimed to have grown up with the Biden family even referred to Hunter as a “crackhead.”

It is clear that there is a significant level of disapproval towards the Bidens in Wilmington, especially in light of Hunter’s legal issues. This kind of discontent with political elites who seem to escape accountability resonates with many conservative viewpoints. The law should apply to everyone equally, regardless of their status or power.

It will be interesting to see how Joe Biden’s popularity is affected by these sentiments in Delaware. If he is unable to address the concerns of residents in his own backyard, it raises questions about his ability to lead effectively. The rule of law must be upheld, and individuals, regardless of their last names, should be held accountable for their actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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