Wisconsin GOP Adapts Stance as Supreme Court Weighs Drop Box Return

Republicans in Wisconsin are adapting their stance on ballot drop boxes as the state’s Supreme Court considers reinstating them. The court had previously deemed the use of drop boxes unlawful due to the lack of existing Wisconsin law accounting for them. However, a new left-leaning Wisconsin Supreme Court is now reviewing a case that could overturn that ruling and bring back the drop boxes.

The GOP Chairman, Brian Schimming, emphasized the importance of adhering to current laws rather than wishing for changes. This shift indicates a potential openness among Republicans toward early and absentee ballots, a voting method utilized in many states since the 1990s.

Former President Donald Trump, who had previously made unfounded claims about widespread voter fraud related to drop boxes, has altered his stance, expressing support for absentee and early voting options. The Republican National Committee also urged party members to plan and vote using their preferred method.

During the 2020 election, Democrats heavily relied on drop boxes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are expected to employ them again in the upcoming election. Despite concerns raised by critics, groups advocating for ballot boxes argue that they enhance voting accessibility across Wisconsin.

Wisconsin is considered a pivotal swing state in the 2024 general election, with past presidential elections being decided by narrow margins. This renewed focus on ballot drop boxes demonstrates the potential impact of voting methods in shaping future elections.

Written by Staff Reports

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