Wisconsin GOP Fights Trans Surgery for Minors, Dems Rage

Wisconsin Republicans took a bold stand against the rampant transgender craze that has taken hold of our nation. They passed a ban on so-called “gender-affirming” surgeries for minors, recognizing the folly of subjecting innocent children to irreversible bodily mutilation. But, of course, the radical governor, Tony Evers (D), has already pledged to shoot down this common-sense ban. He’s also opposing a bill that would block males from participating in girls’ sports, a cause for concern among many parents and student athletes.

The term “gender-affirming care” was coined by progressives to make the horrifying practice of surgical mutilation sound more palatable. But we’re not fooled. These surgeries and hormone blockers pose serious risks to the health and well-being of children. Yet, incredibly, the medical establishment in America has endorsed them as the answer to child gender dysphoria. It seems the medical field has fallen prey to an ideological revolution, abandoning science and embracing harmful ideologies.

Predictably, the ban in Wisconsin is facing opposition from liberal organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union, the Medical College of Wisconsin, the American Pediatrics Academy’s Wisconsin chapter, and the Wisconsin School Social Workers Association. They’re so blinded by their own biases that they fail to see the potential harm being inflicted on these vulnerable children.

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos aptly points out that the “science” behind “gender-affirming care” is far from settled. He even compares it to the dreaded practice of lobotomies. Yet, despite the lack of evidence and the genuine concerns raised, Democrats are throwing a tantrum. They shriek with outrage, insisting that there is no need for a ban. But their denial of the reality facing these children and their families is truly disturbing.

Republicans in Wisconsin and across the country have stood firmly against the push to normalize transgenderism among children. They recognize the threat it poses to the safety and innocence of our young ones and the authority of parents. It’s an entire rejection of science in favor of harmful ideologies. Representative Scott Allen (R), the author of the surgery ban, aptly points out that there are no long-term studies supporting these irreversible procedures. Plenty of evidence and stories, on the other hand, highlight the harm they cause.

Unfortunately, undoing the damage caused by the left’s insanity won’t be an easy task. Republicans will need to regain control of the governor’s mansion to stand any chance. But even that may not be enough, as the state’s Supreme Court has shifted to the left as well. It’s absurd that we find ourselves in a situation where basic truths, like two plus two equaling four, are seen as controversial in the realm of politics. But this is the reality we face in this crazy era dominated by leftist ideology. It’s up to conservatives to fight back and protect the well-being of our children.

Written by Staff Reports

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