Wisconsin GOP Targets “Zuckerbucks” Influence with Election Integrity Vote

Wisconsin voters are about to have their say on whether private funds should be allowed to meddle in their elections in the crucial battleground state. In a move that has the liberals shaking in their boots, the Republican-controlled legislature has put two new questions on the April 2 primary ballot that would beef up election integrity in the state.

First off, they’re asking voters if it should be enshrined in the state’s constitution that only election officials can handle the critical task of running elections. You know, to keep things on the up and up and prevent any sneaky business from those who might want to use private dollars to steer things their way. Imagine that!

Then, they’re also giving voters the chance to decide whether it’s a big, fat no-no to accept private donations for running elections. It’s about time someone put the kibosh on that kind of tomfoolery, especially after the shenanigans pulled by liberal groups using “Zuckerbucks” from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to meddle in Wisconsin’s 2020 elections.

You see, during the pandemic, Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life funneled millions of dollars to the state’s largest cities, in what was basically a backdoor attempt to influence the elections. But not on the GOP’s watch! They’re looking to make sure the state’s constitution won’t allow such trickery in the future.

Of course, the clueless Democrats are up in arms about it, claiming it will hurt voter participation. But we all know they’re just pulling out the ol’ trusty “voter suppression” card again, like they always do. The truth is, these amendments are all about protecting the integrity of the electoral process and taking a stand against big-money influence.

And it doesn’t stop there. Wisconsin voters are also gearing up to have their say in August on whether the Republican-controlled legislature should have a say in how federal money is spent. No more rubber-stamping that responsibility to the governor, especially after the chaos of the 2020 elections, where every trick in the book was pulled to try and snatch victory from the rightful winner.

It’s all part of a nationwide push to clean up our elections and prevent the kind of funny business that caused so much drama in 2020. And you can bet the GOP in Wisconsin is leading the charge to make sure the people’s voice is heard loud and clear, without any meddling from those who’d rather play fast and loose with the rules. Because when it comes to elections, there’s no room for monkey business!

Written by Staff Reports

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