Wisconsin Justice Retires, Risking Liberal Majority on Supreme Court

In a stunning move that has conservatives shaking their heads, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has announced her retirement from the Wisconsin Supreme Court. This bombshell decision could jeopardize the liberal hold on the court, giving conservative voices a potential opening to regain control.

Bradley, who has been a fixture on the court since 1995, is opting to step down rather than seek reelection in 2025. At 85 years old, she claims it’s time to “pass the torch” and bring in fresh perspectives, but some on the right wonder if there might be more to the story. With Bradley out of the picture, the balance of power on the court could shift in ways that have far-reaching implications for the state.

Her decision comes on the heels of a controversial election that saw Janet Protasiewicz join the court and tip the scales in favor of liberals for the first time in over a decade. The battle for the court has already been a costly one, with over $50 million spent in what some have called the most expensive judicial race in U.S. history. Now, with Bradley exiting the stage, the stakes are even higher for conservatives hoping to regain control.

The court’s recent decisions have been a sore spot for conservatives, with rulings against election maps and a ban on voting drop boxes leaving many on the right feeling marginalized. With the possibility of a more conservative-leaning court in the future, the fight over key issues like abortion and voting rights could take on a whole new intensity.

Already, suburban Milwaukee judge and former state Attorney General Brad Schimel has thrown his hat in the ring for the 2025 race, signaling that the battle for the court is heating up. If liberals manage to hold onto the seat, conservatives could be left out in the cold until 2028. The countdown is on, and the future of the Wisconsin Supreme Court hangs in the balance.

Written by Staff Reports

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