“Woke Agenda Costs Top Anheuser-Busch Execs Their Jobs: Beer Brand Takes Stand”

The woke agenda strikes again and this time it’s costing Anheuser-Busch some of their top executives. According to insider messages obtained by the Daily Caller, Group Vice President for Marketing, Daniel Blake, and Bud Light Marketing Vice President, Alissa Heinerscheid, are both out of jobs following the company’s reorganization. The Daily Mail reports that Heinerscheid was instrumental in pushing the brand towards woke advertising and shifting its traditional, fratty image to attract younger drinkers. But after her controversial ad featuring transgender Dylan Mulvaney, it seems that the brand’s leaders had had enough of her divisive approach.

According to the insider, the wholesalers were getting restless with the direction of the brand and “would have had an absolute HAY DAY with leadership if they didn’t remove her.” And although Daniel Blake was well-liked and respected, the insider admitted that he was “caught in the crossfire” after he hired Heinerscheid, who was “mandated” to take the company totally woke.

It’s no secret that the woke agenda is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, and even our favorite beer brands are not immune. But it’s clear that Anheuser-Busch’s leadership is not willing to sacrifice their loyal customer base in favor of this divisive and out-of-touch advertising direction.

Let’s hope that other brands take note of this and start prioritizing their customers’ values and preferences over a woke agenda that only serves to divide us. Cheers to a beer brand that’s willing to listen to their customers and prioritize their preferences over a divisive advertising campaign.

Written by Staff Reports

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