Ex-Biden Backer Exposes Shocking Law-Breaking in 2020 Campaign

A former high-level donor to President Joe Biden has spoken out about an agreement he made with the FBI to wear a wire and interact with the president’s campaign team. Chris Tigani, a Delaware beer mogul with a past history of campaign finance violations, claims that he was asked to conceal illegal donations during the 2020 campaign at the request of campaign manager Dennis Toner. The illegal tactic he was asked to use was known as straw donations.

When authorities were made aware of this scheme and approached Tigani, they asked him to wear a wire while he interacted with members of Biden’s campaign staff. He then went on to record various conversations with them. He claims that once the investigation reached Biden and Toner, the entire investigation came to a halt, and the indictment against him was unsealed.

Tigani went on to express his disappointment with the recent plea agreement that Hunter Biden, the son of President Biden, made with federal prosecutors that will see him avoid serving any time in prison for tax and firearms violations. Tigani pointed out that others who have faced tax crime charges in the district were charged with felonies, whereas Hunter Biden was charged with a misdemeanor under 26 US Code Section 7203. Furthermore, Tigani believes that the U.S. Attorney David Weiss needs to explain himself to the public as he is the only individual to have been charged in such a way.

Tigani previously expressed that he believes he was imprisoned for his involvement in campaign finance violations while Hunter Biden was not because his name is not Biden. Hunter Biden continues to face scrutiny in regards to an alleged bribe from a Ukrainian official, an issue that House Republicans are continuing to investigate as they expand their probe of Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. President Biden has denied his knowledge of or participation in any illegal activity conducted by his son.

In conclusion, Tigani’s allegations are alarming and raise serious concerns regarding the transparency of the Biden campaign and the conduct of U.S. Attorney David Weiss. It is crucial that the authorities investigate further and that the public is informed of the facts surrounding this matter. The ethical standards of those who hold public office must be upheld, and those who break the law must be held accountable regardless of their political affiliation or last name.

Written by Staff Reports

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