Woke Michigan Mayor EXPOSED In Elitist Hypocrisy

A mayor in Michigan is having second thoughts about some recent decisions he's made in light of the controversy that was generated by the hypocritical house improvements he made.

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The awakened elitists want everyone else to struggle while they live in conditions that are diametrically opposed to the principles they advocate. This is something that occurs on a daily basis, as other liberal elites try to exert influence over the general populace in order to further their goal, but behind closed doors they behave in an entirely different way. This is not an isolated incident.

Reports from Fox News. In June of 2020, the city administration of Ann Arbor decided to implement the A2Zero plan. The plan includes the element that asks homeowners to willingly electrify their homes in order to wean themselves off of their reliance on natural gas.

Despite Christopher Taylor's advocacy for Ann Arbor, Michigan to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and instead increase its use of electricity, he went ahead and had a gas line and gas-powered fireplace built in his own home.

Evidence of city permits, according to an article published by MLive in January of this year, Christopher Taylor, a Democrat who has served as mayor of the city since 2014, had the gas line that would connect to his new fireplace built. Taylor has been an outspoken supporter of climate initiatives like the so-called A2Zero carbon neutrality plan, which encourages people to switch to renewable energy sources like electric vehicles and solar panels and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

The announcement follows a statement made by California Governor Gavin Newsom to the press, in which he advised locals to turn up their air conditioning in order to reduce their consumption of power.

According to the Next News network. In light of the fact that California's hydroelectric capacity has been reduced as a consequence of the state's ongoing drought, the Democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, has encouraged the state's citizens to "do a little bit more" in order to keep the power on. In addition, the governor of California signed an executive order expanding the state's access to various forms of energy.

It's astonishing that he sat in a record heatwave wearing a sweater while asking locals to raise the temperature in their homes. It's shameful, as well as hypocritical.

Another day, another illustration of how liberal elites continue to carve up special rules for themselves when the rest of us continue to suffer. This time around, it's Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor imposing his "woke" extreme agenda on the community, all the while allegedly putting in a gas connection and a fireplace in his own home. Discuss the regulations that apply to you but not to me. Unadulterated hypocrisy coming from a politician affiliated with the Democratic Party; surprise, surprise. But what else could we really anticipate from a political party that boasts about aiding the underdog while simultaneously stuffing their own pockets and living opulently? whatever opportunity to further their objective, even if it means completely and totally disregarding the actions they have taken in the past. Never let it escape your mind that Democrats are the ones that lie, cheat, and steal their way to power – just look at all of the corruption and scandals that have occurred in cities such as New York and Chicago. People ought to have realized by this point that the individuals who call themselves saviors are in fact nothing more than frauds and con artists. Wake up, America. You must stop believing the lies that they tell you. It is time to remove them from office so that we can finally put an end to this hypocrisy once and for all.

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Written by Staff Reports

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