You Won’t BELIEVE Maxine Waters Latest Insult To Republicans

Representative Maxine Waters recently made a bold statement on MSNBC’s “Ayman”, claiming that right-wing conservatives in the House of Representatives are “domestic terrorists.” She was responding to a question from anchor Ayman Mohyeldin about whether or not there is a path forward for police reform in Congress after the tragic killing of Tyre Nichols. Waters went on to describe the group as the “Marjorie Taylor Greene Republican caucus” and expressed her lack of optimism for any meaningful police reform due to their influence.

Waters also took aim at Senator Kyrsten Sinema and moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, accusing them of not caring about police reform and instead prioritizing their own power. She referred to Sinema as “that woman from Arizona” and said that both Manchin and Sinema would rather use their two votes for themselves than for any meaningful police reform legislation.

The comments from Representative Waters have sparked a heated debate in the House of Representatives, with some members accusing her of using inflammatory language and others defending her right to speak out against what she believes is a dangerous group of politicians. Many have pointed out that the term “domestic terrorist” is often used to describe violent extremists, and that Waters’ comments could be seen as an attempt to delegitimize her political opponents.

Written by Staff Reports

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