Zelensky’s Office Denies Interview with Tucker Carlson, Calls Out Misinformation Sources

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s office has adamantly refuted any possibility of him agreeing to an interview with Tucker Carlson. The press secretary, Serhii Nykyforov, took to Facebook to dismiss Carlson’s claim, suggesting that Carlson should be more cautious with his sources, hinting at potential misinformation from Russian intelligence sources.

It’s no surprise that Zelensky would steer clear of Carlson, given the commentator’s track record of criticizing Ukraine’s efforts to defend itself against Russian aggression. Carlson’s inclination towards sensationalism over facts was evident in his recent remarks, where he labeled Zelensky a dictator for adhering to constitutional mandates during a state of emergency declared in response to the Russian invasion.

Carlson’s criticism extended to Ukraine’s decision to shut down the Moscow-linked Ukrainian Orthodox Church, failing to acknowledge the church’s alleged collaboration with Russia post-invasion. However, this move was a strategic measure by Ukraine to prevent any further alignment with Russian interests within its borders.

In his eagerness to secure an interview with Zelensky, Carlson seemed oblivious to the detrimental impact such an encounter could have. Given Carlson’s biased approach towards Ukraine and the potential for his audience to hold pro-Russian sentiments, Zelensky had little to gain from engaging with someone who may not offer a fair representation of the situation.

While Carlson may have hoped for a redemption opportunity post-Putin debacle, it appears that Zelensky’s administration saw through the ploy. The interview, if it had materialized, would likely have served Carlson’s interests more than shedding light on the complexities of the Ukrainian conflict. In the realm of conservative commentary, Carlson’s questionable sources and motives came under scrutiny, raising doubts about the credibility of his proposed interview with Zelensky.

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