A Violent Immigrant Invasion Has Overwhelmed a Red State

As El Paso experiences cold weather, a homeless shelter claimed that it is already over capacity due to the influx of migrants. A Mexican national who was present illegally robbed and assaulted two other individuals outside a bus station.

Thousands of immigrants who are currently in Mexico and camping near the Rio Grande are expected to experience freezing temperatures. In El Paso, several homeless shelters are already full.

John Martin, the operations manager of the Opportunity Facility, said that two of their shelters are already over capacity. He noted that their goal is to provide shelter to all homeless individuals.

According to Martin, although they are one of the few shelters that can accommodate everyone, they are always full once they reach capacity. He noted that they would rather not turn away people because they don’t have the necessary space.

The number of migrants in custody by the US Border Patrol increased significantly over the previous day. According to the data collected by the city's dashboard, about 500 people were apprehended on the streets of El Paso every day. These individuals are then released into the community. Around 800 of these individuals are placed in shelters operated by non-government organizations.

The El Paso Times reported that two of the migrants released into the community were robbed while waiting outside an El Paso Greyhound bus station. A Mexican national was accused of robbing two of the migrants while a New Mexican man was apprehended for attacking another.

According to the police report, the two men attacked the immigrants after slapping one of them in the face. They then demanded their belongings. The migrants tried to protect themselves, and one of them was kicked in the head and face. The report also states that the suspects took away two of their cell phones.

A group of migrants saw what happened and tried to chase the assailants. They then surrounded the two suspects and waited for the police to arrive.

The police officers who responded to the scene arrested the two suspects, identified as Guillermo Hernandez, 49, and Jaime Martinez Guerrero, 27. Hernandez is facing multiple charges, while Guerrero is facing robbery and assault charges. Both men were then booked into the El Paso County jail.

The situation in El Paso became increasingly chaotic over the weekend due to the increasing number of immigrants crossing the US-Mexico border. According to a report by the conservative news site, about 7,400 people entered the country over the weekend.

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