New House GOP Could Launch COVID Origins Probe Soon

After Republicans took over the House of Representatives in the midterm election, Kevin McCarthy became the new speaker of the House. With McCarthy leading the way, the agenda of the new Congress is expected to be different.

During the time that the House was in session, it focused on investigating the riot that occurred at the Capitol on January 6. Although it was a pet project for Democrats, it was a waste of time.

Following the election, the new leadership of the House indicated that they would look into various matters of concern to Americans. One of the most prominent issues they will investigate is the COVID-19 pandemic. McCarthy and Steve Scalise, the Majority Leader, announced that they would be conducting a study on the incident that occurred at the Wuhan Animal Lab.
It’s about time.

A fellow at the White Coat Waste Project, which is a free market organization focused on ending the funding of dangerous and tortuous animal experiments, was the one who discovered that the Wuhan lab was receiving money from the National Institutes of Health. Through their advocacy, they have been pushing for a US-led investigation into how COVID-19 got started and how the NIH funded the project.

The US government has been funding the Wuhan lab, and it was known that the country was breaking its own regulations. According to the majority of Americans, the incident that led to the outbreak of COVID-19 was caused by a leak in the lab. It’sa high time that the responsible individuals are held accountable, and this type of incident should never happen again.

Justin Goodman, the senior vice president of the White Coat Waste project, stated that they were glad that the House leadership had promised to look into the origin of COVID-19. As the first organization to reveal how the NIH secretly shipped money to the Wuhan lab, we are now glad that the new leadership has promised to investigate this matter.

According to Goodman, the FBI, the majority of Republicans and Democrats, as well as experts from other countries, believe that a leak at the Wuhan lab led to COVID-19. Taxpayers have the right to know if the money was wasted on dangerous experiments that could cause a pandemic. The White Coat Waste Project is also working with Congress to end the funding of dangerous animal laboratories in the US and abroad.

This work has led to the establishment of the first-ever legislation to stop the funding of dangerous animal experiments in countries of concern. Despite the progress that has been made, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Hopefully, the Republicans will be able to make good on their promises to investigate the Wuhan lab and ensure that the American people are protected. This type of investigation is also needed to address the concerns of animal rights groups.

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