IT’S HERE: Biden TSA Now Using Face Scanners At Major Airports

The TSA, which is part of the US Department of Transportation, quietly unveiled a facial recognition program that has been criticized by some people.

Some of the country's largest airports, such as Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles, have started using facial recognition technology to check the identities of travelers. Eventually, all airports in the US will be able to use facial recognition. This technology will allow the TSA to collect biometric data about travelers.

The program has been criticized from various political groups due to how it violates the civil rights and privacy of Americans. It's already being used in countries such as China. In response to the growing use of facial recognition technology in airports, Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio criticized the TSA.

Troy Nehls, a Republican from Texas, stated that the use of facial recognition technology at airports is not a threat to the privacy and civil rights of Americans. Fox News contributor Justin Haskins claimed that the technology could be the start of a socialist regime. Daniel Velez, a TSA spokesperson, stated that the agency believes that the use of facial recognition technology can improve the efficiency and security of the checkpoint. He also noted that the agency is constantly looking for ways to make the technology more useful to the traveling public.

Despite the agency's claims about how the technology can improve the efficiency of the checkpoint, the program has raised concerns about its potential to violate the civil rights of Americans.

Despite the agency's assurances that it will not store the data related to facial scans, there is still no guarantee that the technology will not be used to collect biometric information about people.

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