Abbott’s Bold Border Move – Sends Migrants to Windy City, Leaving Biden Blowing in the Dust!

Ah, the Lone Star State, where everything is bigger – including the governor’s bold moves to tackle the border crisis. Governor Greg Abbott has done it again, folks. In a true display of Texan hospitality, he sent more than 120 migrants packing from the US-Mexico border all the way to the windy city of Chicago. Yeehaw!

The first flight out of Texas to Chicago was a real spectacle, arranged in response to the disapproval from Chicago’s mayor, Brandon Johnson. The city council there just can’t seem to handle the influx of migrants, so they’ve started cracking down on the buses dropping off those seeking refuge. But fear not, Governor Abbott’s got a plan for that!

Now, with Abbott’s new law allowing Texas police to arrest migrants crossing the border illegally, it’s clear that the Lone Star State means business. Take that, President Biden! With the federal appeals court ordering a temporary halt to cutting the concertina wire on the border, it’s like a Wild West showdown out there, and Abbott’s the sheriff in town.

The White House may not be too happy with Abbott’s tactics, accusing him of using migrants for political gain. But hey, when has that ever stopped a Texan from doing what’s right? Abbott’s Operation Lone Star has truly been a sight to behold, with razor wire, buoy barriers, and more officers than you can count. This multibillion-dollar operation is making the Wild West look like child’s play.

And as for concerns about the living conditions and medical care for those migrants landing in Chicago? Well, that is a problem for another day. Because when you’re dealing with a crisis of Biden-made proportions, there’s no time to worry about the little details. Keep your spurs on, Governor Abbott, and keep riding into the sunset of justice!

Written by Staff Reports

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