ABC News Faces Ridicule After Botched ‘Fact Check’ on DeSantis-Romney Saga!

In yet another example of biased and unfair reporting from the mainstream media, ABC News has taken issue with a statement made by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about Senator Mitt Romney. DeSantis said that he doesn’t really know Romney, who will be retiring in 2024. ABC News, however, dug up a black-and-white photograph from DeSantis’ Harvard Law School yearbook showing that he campaigned on Romney’s behalf in 2002. They suggest that DeSantis is being dishonest because he once campaigned for Romney.

Come on, ABC News. Is this the best you’ve got? Digging up a decades-old photo to try and paint DeSantis as a liar? It’s ridiculous. By their definition, anyone who has ever campaigned for a political candidate “knows” that person. Using their logic, I “knew” Bill Clinton back in the ’90s when I was a young liberal. Give me a break.

But let’s put the ABC News spin aside and focus on the real issue. It’s clear that DeSantis and Romney have a rocky relationship. Romney recently called DeSantis “dangerous” and “authoritarian” because he actually enacts conservative policies instead of just talking about them. This is the kind of non-endorsement “endorsement” that DeSantis, as an outsider and non-establishment politician, thrives on.

The fact is, DeSantis has come a long way since his Harvard Law School days. He has proven himself to be a strong and effective leader for conservatives, not only in Florida but possibly one day for America as well. Keep up the great work, Governor DeSantis. Conservatives are counting on you.

Written by Staff Reports

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