MSNBC Claims 45-Year-Olds Can’t Compete with Biden’s Stamina!

President Joe Biden is facing criticism from conservative outlets for his age and supposed frailty, with MSNBC commentator Mike Barnicle coming under fire for his defense of the president. In a recent appearance on “Morning Joe,” Barnicle argued that the media does not pay enough attention to the weight and responsibility that Biden carries as president. He cited the challenges of dealing with Donald Trump domestically and Prime Minister Netanyahu in Israel, as well as upcoming meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Barnicle’s comments sparked outrage among conservatives, who accuse him of being detached from reality or lacking integrity. They argue that Biden’s frequent trips and falls, confused stage presence, and forgetfulness are clear signs of senility associated with old age. To them, Barnicle’s defense of the president is nothing more than partisan shilling.

Conservative critics point out that the media often highlights Biden’s age, emphasizing that he is in his 80s. They argue that Barnicle’s claims of Biden’s vitality are disingenuous and suggest that the left-wing media is selling out to promote the president’s agenda.

In response to the criticism, Barnicle insisted that Biden’s daily workload is something that most people, regardless of age, couldn’t handle. He mocked those who question Biden’s capabilities, stating that they should believe their “lying eyes” instead.

This exchange highlights the ongoing debate surrounding Biden’s age and whether it hinders his ability to carry out the demands of the presidency. While critics argue that his age is a cause for concern, defenders like Barnicle maintain that he is up to the task and should be given credit for his daily efforts.

Written by Staff Reports

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