Shocking State Department Memo Tears into Biden for Backing Israel!

In a shocking revelation, it has been discovered that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) hired former spokespeople for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), known for their support of terrorism. It was only a matter of time before these pro-terrorist elements infiltrated other government agencies, and now it seems they have made their way to the State Department. This comes after a DHS agent, who previously worked for the PLO, was caught sharing antisemitic posts following Hamas’ attack on Israel. This agent was responsible for vetting asylum claims, raising serious concerns about the integrity of the process.


Now, an internal memo is circulating within the State Department, bashing President Joe Biden for his support of Israel and accusing him of spreading misinformation. Even more disturbingly, the memo accuses Biden of being complicit in the genocide against Palestinians. This is yet another document penned by Hamas, further highlighting the deep-rooted influence of this terrorist organization. It is important to question the accuracy of the information provided by Hamas, as they have a history of spreading lies and propaganda. The media should be more cautious in their reporting, especially after being caught spreading fake news about a Gaza hospital during the recent conflict. It was later revealed that the hospital was actually hit by an errant rocket from Palestinian Islamic Jihad, not the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Is Hamas infiltrating the State Department? The evidence certainly seems to suggest so. An internal dissent memo, signed by over 100 State Department and USAID employees, accuses Biden of spreading misinformation and accuses Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza. These claims echo the sentiments of progressive activists in the United States who have been critical of Biden’s handling of the conflict. This poses a new challenge for the president’s 2024 campaign and reveals the deep divisions within his administration.

It’s important to note that the memo also criticizes U.S. policy in the Middle East and calls for a reassessment of the approach to the conflict between Israel and Palestinians. While Biden has expressed support for a two-state solution, the authors of the memo argue that there has been a failure to advance a viable path towards this goal.

This situation highlights the success of Hamas in spreading propaganda and shaping narratives. For 17 years, they have been able to influence media and diplomatic professionals, allowing them to spread their antisemitic messages. The damage caused by this influence is evident in the pro-terrorist rallies held worldwide, which further perpetuate hatred and misinformation. It is crucial to remain vigilant and question the sources of information, especially when it comes to organizations like Hamas with a clear agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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