ABC Reporter Faces Mockery over Sugar-coating Pro-Hamas Rioters

ABC News reporter Mary Bruce is facing relentless mockery after describing the pro-Hamas rioters at the White House as engaging in a “passionate protest.” Let’s take a step back here and really analyze what happened. These rioters were attempting to breach the White House fence, fighting with the Secret Service, and to top it all off, smearing red paint on the columns to symbolize blood. But sure, let’s call that a “passionate protest.” It’s as if the mainstream media will go to any lengths to downplay the actions of left-wing extremists.

Remember when CNN famously described the 2020 riots as “fiery but mostly peaceful protests”? Well, this is just another entry in the book of ridiculous reporting. Clearly, the media has a consistent pattern of portraying left-wing actions as peaceful, even when the evidence points to the contrary. But when it comes to right-wing protests, even a group of harmless grandmas holding signs would be portrayed as a threat to society. It’s a double standard that seems to be baked into the mainstream media’s DNA.

What happened in front of the White House on Saturday was not a protest, it was a riot. These are individuals openly supporting terrorism and genocide, as evidenced by their chants of “from the river to the sea.” The only thing that prevented the situation from spiraling out of control was the strength of the fence they were desperately trying to tear down. Yet, somehow, the media still finds a way to coddle and sympathize with these pro-Hamas protesters. It’s truly pathetic.

Perhaps Mary Bruce should actually attend one of these “marches” and experience firsthand the violent and dangerous nature of these so-called “protests.” Maybe then she would understand the reality of the situation and stop downplaying the actions of left-wing extremists. But until then, we can only hope for a more objective and honest media that will report the news accurately, without a partisan bias.

Written by Staff Reports

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