Omar Cries Arson on Mosque Fire, but Crucial Fact Derails Claim!

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has been a strong supporter of Hamas, a terrorist group. She has been advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza, but even liberals on her side don’t agree with her. Instead, Democrats are considering implementing so-called humanitarian pauses, which would only benefit Hamas. This would give the terrorist group a break from Israel’s necessary actions and enable them to steal relief aid. URL

It’s surprising that so many progressives fail to see the connection here. Hamas has been ruling Gaza for 17 years and they control all government agencies. It’s a well-known fact that terrorists will take advantage of any humanitarian assistance and divert it for their own purposes. Perhaps Omar is aware of this and simply doesn’t care. The pro-terrorist rallies we’ve seen across the country indicate that many young left-wingers support Hamas and will do anything to strengthen their position.

Omar’s irresponsible actions are not only a result of her appalling views on this matter but also her spreading of terrorist propaganda. In the past, she made antisemitic comments suggesting that Israel has hypnotic powers. She has also shared photos of dead children from Gaza, claiming they were victims of Israel, when in reality they were killed by the Assad regime in Syria. Now, she is trying to create fear by insinuating that the fire at the Mercy Islamic Center was an act of arson due to islamophobia. However, authorities have found no evidence of this.

The Muslim community may be concerned about the fire, but they should know that it is not indicative of a larger threat. No one is going to harm them like Hamas has done to Israeli families. It’s important to separate genuine concerns from baseless fear-mongering.

Written by Staff Reports

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