Liberal Mob Shouts Down Christie at Florida Freedom Summit

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was met with thunderous boos and jeers from the crowd at the Florida Freedom Summit on Saturday. It was as if he had stumbled into a room full of disappointed children who just found out there was no ice cream for dessert. Maybe Christie was hoping for a warm reception, but instead, he got a frosty welcome.

What’s even more amusing is that Christie tried to reason with the audience, as if he thought he could sweet talk them out of their contempt. Newsflash, Governor: the people have spoken, and they’re not fans. It’s no wonder that Christie’s poll numbers are hovering around zero in the GOP primary.

Perhaps Christie should take a page out of President Trump’s playbook and learn how to captivate a crowd. It seems like the art of persuasion is lost on him. But hey, at least he got some exercise by dodging all those boos!

In all seriousness, this incident highlights a sad truth about our society. We’ve become intolerant of differing opinions, even to the point of shouting down those we disagree with. It’s a sad state of affairs when we can’t have a civil discourse, whether it’s on a college campus or at a political summit.

On a lighter note, it’s always entertaining to see conservatives rally around their chosen leader. President Trump took the opportunity to announce new endorsements at the summit, further solidifying his dominance in the state. Sorry Christie, but when it comes to winning over the crowd, it looks like you missed the mark. Better luck next time!

Written by Staff Reports

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