AI Legal Blunders: No Penalty for Cohen’s Lawyer!

The New York Post recently exposed a shocking story involving Michael Cohen’s former lawyer making a colossal blunder in court. The Manhattan judge, Jesse Furman, didn’t hold back in his criticism of the lawyer, David Schwartz, for including phony legal cases generated by AI in their court filings. Though the judge acknowledged the embarrassing and negligent nature of the mistake, he surprisingly chose not to penalize Schwartz. It’s incredible how lenient some judges can be, even when faced with such blatant incompetence!

Michael Cohen, infamous for his association with former President Donald Trump, admitted to providing Schwartz with fake legal cases from an AI service called Google Bard. It’s a sad day when even lawyers resort to using fake evidence in a court of law. Thankfully, Schwartz is no longer representing Cohen, but the damage had already been done. Cohen’s supervised release, a result of his 2018 conviction for tax evasion and campaign finance violations, was jeopardized by this outrageous misconduct.

Schwartz’s attorney, Barry Kamins, seemed relieved that the court didn’t see the mistake as a deliberate act. How convenient! It’s bewildering how easily some individuals in the legal profession can get away with such incompetence. However, Judge Furman wasn’t entirely forgiving, as he rejected Cohen’s plea for early release, suggesting that Cohen may have been deceitful in his statements. It’s about time someone held Cohen accountable for his actions and lies!

Cohen’s current lawyer, Danya Perry, might have celebrated the lack of punishment as a victory, but her defense of Cohen’s alleged falsehoods under oath is quite puzzling. Blaming plea deals and pressure for pleading guilty to crimes one didn’t commit is simply outrageous. The legal system should not tolerate such excuses for dishonesty and corruption. Let this be a lesson to all who dare to deceive the court – the truth will eventually come to light, and justice will prevail, despite the best efforts of cunning lawyers and their AI-generated tricks.

Written by Staff Reports

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