Biden’s 2024 Fantasy Map as Likely as Leprechauns in Florida

President Joe Biden’s campaign optimism in expanding the 2024 electoral map to flip Republican states like Florida and Texas is about as realistic as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! And don’t get them started on former President Donald Trump’s pipe dream of turning liberal strongholds like New York and New Jersey red. Good luck with that, buddy!

Trump and his supporters might be living in La-La Land if they think they have a chance of flipping New York and New Jersey. Sure, some political pundits are entertaining the idea, but that’s like saying pigs will fly one day. Even if early polling suggests New York could be a closer race, let’s be real here, folks—New York and New Jersey have about as much chance of turning Republican as a snowball has of surviving in a furnace.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea – Trump is already making strides by putting battleground states that Biden won back in 2020 into play. And according to Columbia University political scientist Donald Green, there’s a slim chance that Trump’s 2024 electoral map might expand beyond its 2020 boundaries. But let’s not hold our breath, folks. It’s about as likely as a unicorn showing up at your doorstep.

Republicans, independents, and “disillusioned” Democrats might be rallying around Trump, but let’s face it – he’s got about as much chance of winning New York and New Jersey as a snowball has in a heatwave. The Biden campaign, of course, is quick to shut down these fantastical notions, pointing out that Trump’s weaknesses are as clear as day, especially in suburban areas. As for the recent GOP primary results, well, let’s just say they’re not painting a very pretty picture for Trump.

Despite the wishful thinking, it’s hard to take Trump’s plan to make a “heavy play” for New York and New Jersey seriously. Even bringing out the “greatest political movement in history” won’t change the fact that these states lean about as far left as they come. And when it comes to the prediction of a “uniform relative swing” in Trump’s favor, well, let’s just say it’s more wishful thinking than reality.

Oh, and the idea of Trump turning states like New York and New Jersey red because of high crime rates and taxes? That’s about as believable as saying pigs will fly to the moon and back in one night. New York and New Jersey were about as blue as the sky in 2020, and there’s no sign of them turning red anytime soon.

In conclusion, Trump’s hopes of flipping New York and New Jersey are as far-fetched as a fairy tale. The chances of these historically liberal states turning Republican are about as likely as finding a diamond in a haystack. Let’s focus on more realistic goals, shall we?

Written by Staff Reports

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