Alina Habba, Trump’s Lawyer, Exposes Sinister Timeline of Election Schemes!

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer and spokesperson, Alina Habba, spoke out about the Department of Justice’s case against her client. She expressed confidence that the DOJ will have a hard time proving its case, highlighting the difficulty in proving what Trump actually believed. Habba also pointed out that by bringing a lawsuit against Trump, the DOJ has opened the door to subpoenas and questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election. She criticized the prosecution as a dangerous proposition that was not well-thought-through.

After Trump’s arraignment, Habba addressed the media and discussed what she sees as coincidences in the timeline of events between the Biden administration’s prosecution of Trump and investigations into the Biden family’s alleged corruption. She pointed out various events, such as Hunter Biden’s admission about his laptop and subsequent indictments against Trump, and suggested that this is not a coincidence but rather election interference at its finest.

Habba also referred to the case as a “witch hunt” brought by those who fear Trump. She believes that this prosecution is part of a larger effort to hinder Trump, who she describes as the leading candidate for president from either party.

Editorial Opinion: It’s refreshing to see Habba pushing back against the DOJ’s case and questioning its motives. The timing of these indictments certainly raises suspicions about potential political interference. It’s clear that Trump continues to be a target of the left, and this case is just another desperate attempt to tarnish his legacy. It’s important for conservatives to support Trump during this trial and expose the true intentions behind these charges.

Written by Staff Reports

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