Trump Indictments: Coincidence or Plot to Eclipse Biden Scandal?

In a stunning revelation, Alina Habba, former President Donald Trump’s attorney, shed light on a highly questionable chain of events. Habba boldly outlined the timeline of Trump’s indictments, noting that they coincided with key evidence emerging about the Biden family’s corruption. The undeniable pattern raises serious concerns about the fairness and objectivity of these legal proceedings.

Habba addressed reporters outside a federal court in Washington D.C., laying out the astonishing sequence of events. She began with Hunter Biden’s accidental admission about his infamous “laptop from hell” on March 17. The very next day, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced an indictment against President Trump. Coincidence? We think not.

Following this curious start, on June 8, an FBI document exposed the Biden crime family’s receipt of millions and millions of dollars from Ukrainian sources. And lo and behold, the day after, the Mar-A-Lago indictment against Trump hit the headlines. These uncanny timings should give anyone pause for thought.

The saga continued in a breathtaking manner. Habba reported that just last week, Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal with blanket immunity fell apart when a judge realized its absurdity. Miraculously, the very next day, a superseding indictment against Trump was handed down. The pattern was too conspicuous to ignore.

Then, on July 31, Devon Archer, a key figure in the Biden-Ukraine scandal, was set to testify before the House. But what happened? Archer was conveniently spared jail time, only to have the notorious January 6th indictment against our beloved president announced the following day. It’s hard to dismiss these synchronicities as innocent coincidences.

The implications of this ordeal go far beyond mere happenstance. Trump’s lawyer rightfully labels this as election interference at its finest against the leading presidential candidate from either party. It is nothing short of a concerted effort to influence the outcome of the race by relentlessly hounding President Trump while conveniently diverting attention from the mounting evidence against the Biden family.

Even conservative pundits and impartial legal experts have acknowledged the suspicious timeline of charges against Trump following negative news for President Biden. For weeks and months, elected Republicans have diligently laid out damning evidence connecting the Biden family to a shameless influence peddling scheme involving the Ukrainian energy giant Burisma. Hunter Biden’s close associate and business partner, Devon Archer, explicitly revealed that the Biden brand was instrumental in maintaining Burisma’s operations.

Despite this mounting pile of evidence implicating the current White House occupant, mainstream media outlets and elected Democrats choose to fixate on Trump’s legal battles. The New York Times even shamefully failed to mention a word about Devon Archer’s testimony on their homepage on the day of the interview, conveniently omitting crucial information that might challenge their preferred narrative.

This orchestrated effort to distract and discredit President Trump is beyond troubling. It is a glaring example of biased, politically motivated behavior that undermines the integrity of our justice system. As conservatives, we must demand fairness and transparency, and call out these blatant attempts to suppress the truth. The American people deserve better than this shameless manipulation.

Written by Staff Reports

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