Alito Strikes Back: Left’s Supreme Court Smears Exposed in Fiery Interview

Democrats have once again shown their true colors by launching a vicious attack on the U.S. Supreme Court. In a desperate attempt to undermine the institution, they have introduced legislation that aims to impose a set of so-called “ethics” on the Court. But not all the justices are staying silent in the face of these outrageous attacks.

Enter Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court’s plain-spoken defender. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Alito didn’t mince words when it came to defending himself and the Court against the onslaught from the left. He called out the “nonsense” that has been written about him and his colleagues and lamented the fact that the organized bar and the mainstream media no longer feel the need to defend conservative judges.

And Justice Alito is right. It’s about time someone spoke up against the shameless attempts to smear the Court. The left has tried everything from leaking draft opinions to inciting violence against justices. President Biden himself has attacked the Court, declaring that it is not “normal.” Partisan journalists have eagerly joined in, trying to manufacture “ethics” scandals to tarnish the reputation of disfavored justices.

But Justice Alito isn’t backing down. He bravely defends himself with a refreshing candor that is sorely lacking in today’s political climate. He acknowledges the controversy surrounding the idea of imposing an ethics code on the Court, asserting that Congress does not have the authority to regulate the Supreme Court. And he’s absolutely right. The Constitution, not Congress, created the Court, and no provision in the Constitution grants Congress the power to control it.

Of course, the attacks on the Court won’t stop there. The left is determined to destroy any institution that doesn’t align with their radical agenda. They’ve even floated the idea of packing the Court, expanding its size to dilute conservative influence. And they’re not above openly defying Supreme Court decisions if they deem the Court to be illegitimate.

But Justice Alito understands the consequences of this kind of mentality. If the Court is seen as illegitimate, then the disregard for its decisions becomes more acceptable. We could see a revival of the massive resistance that occurred in the South after the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision. It’s a chilling thought, but one that we must confront.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have rightly opposed the legislation proposed by the Democrats. They understand that it is nothing more than a partisan attack on the Court. And it’s clear that the legislation doesn’t stand a chance of passing in the Senate. It’s dead on arrival, as Senator John Kennedy aptly put it.

In addition to defending himself and the Court, Justice Alito provides valuable insight into his fellow justices. He points out the differences in interpretive methods between the conservative and liberal justices, noting that the liberal justices often march in lockstep while conservative justices take a more independent approach. Statistical analyses of the Court’s decisions support this observation.

Justice Alito also addresses the issue of precedent, particularly in relation to the Dobbs v. Jackson case, which overturned the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. He rightly argues that there are some decisions, like Roe and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, that are so egregiously wrong that they should be overruled. Chief Justice Roberts, while voting to uphold Mississippi’s abortion ban, took a more measured approach, suggesting a narrowing of the precedents rather than overturning them entirely.

It’s clear that Justice Alito is a courageous defender of the Constitution and the rule of law. He stands up against the vitriol and insidious attacks on the Court with unwavering integrity. We need more justices like him who are willing to speak the truth and defend our fundamental rights. The left may throw their tantrums and spew their hatred, but they won’t succeed in silencing the conservative voice on the Supreme Court.

Written by Staff Reports

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