An FBI raid helps fundraising, it seems

The Justice Department requested that the FBI investigate Donald Trump in the hopes that they would turn up some evidence. Because he goes against all their ideals, they want him brought to justice at whatever cost.

Trump didn't run for office to become famous or wealthy. He was well-known before this. And, as you may recall, he refused to take a wage for his services. He gave a portion of his salary to charity.

Trump won the presidency in part to fulfill his promise to "drain the swamp." He saw the progressive agenda as a threat to democracy and capitalism and sought to put an end to it permanently.

Agents from the FBI swarmed Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in a broad search for evidence.

In most cases, that would have been sufficient. They would have been publicly shamed and then vanished from view forever.

Donald Trump operates differently. Especially when he discusses topics like the Deep State, he commands a large audience and commands respect.

The Democrats' decision to invite the FBI in could have been their wisest move. Out of frustration over the raid, donors have started showering money into Trump's campaign. It's the best way to raise money ever.

As a result of this FBI investigation, Trump is taking advantage of his authority and sent out a barrage of emails to his supporters asking for donations.

Following the search of his Palm Beach, Florida, property on August 8, at least two days saw Trump's PAC surpass $1 million. The average daily contribution he was receiving was roughly $200,000 before the FBI raid.

Donations have stayed strong, and are still greater than they were, according to many persons who are acquainted with the data but prefer anonymity. The number of contributors is growing, and the amounts they're putting in are growing as well.

The timing of this funding couldn't be better. President Trump has been thinking about making an early announcement for the 2024 presidential campaign. He's been dropping hints about it for some time, but nothing official has happened yet.

The general consensus is that he will run for office. Kellyanne Conway, who was formerly his adviser, is now working to eliminate his rivals. She has publicly urged Ron DeSantis to abandon his bid for the Senate and instead run for governor of Florida. She has also spoken out in favor of delaying Trump's declaration of his intention to run for president again in 2024 until after the midterm elections.

How long should he wait if the cash is starting to roll in? Does he have enough money to make it through the primaries and maybe win the election with this amount of money?

Trump and his followers may undoubtedly use this to rally more support. What the DOJ has done has only served to unite Trump's Republican base.

Trump as a candidate and fundraiser has always had an extremely loyal set of constituents who are particularly galvanized by rage, said Fordham University professor Jessica Baldwin-Philippi. The FBI raid has been very profitable for Trump's PAC, but any time he is threatened or there is unfavorable coverage against him, it may really be "lucrative."

Obviously, the Democrats are worried that Trump's rhetoric, which includes claims that the FBI broke into his home and may break into anyone else's next, could incite greater violence.

Inquiries into Trump's possible involvement in the Capitol Hill rioting on January 6th have already begun. Also, just this past week, a Trump fan was slain in Ohio when he attempted to storm an FBI office.

Is Trump Guilty? That's the big question everyone's asking.

It is highly foreseeable the violence will rise further, people like Liz Cheney worry.

Trump may profit financially from an increase in violence. Even worse, his conviction may be the final straw that drives a wedge between the nation's citizens.

Nothing can be predicted, but violence should be avoided. All of the Democrats' actions up to this point have aided Trump, so they need to be cautious about their next move.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Retirement Insider.

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