ANOTHER Kamala Harris Staffer Has Had Enough As Exodus Continues

The communications director of Kamala Harris, Jamal Simmons, is set to leave his position next month. He joined the office a year ago.

In a statement, Simmons thanked the Vice President for giving him the opportunity to work for her. He also said that he will miss the team that he joined.

Since Harris became the vice president two years ago, there have been various staff departures from her office. Some of these include Symone Sanders, the chief spokesperson, and her domestic policy adviser, Rohini Kosoglu. Also, aides such as Deputy Press Secretary, Sabrina Singh, and communications director, Ashley Etienne, left the organization.

The Washington Post noted that the staff departures from Harris’ office have raised concerns about the working environment of the vice president. It is also worrying that the departure of her aides follows Joe Biden’s suggestion for treating everyone with dignity and respect when he became the new president.

The staff members’ departure is the result of the toxic work environment that Harris has created. It is clear that she does not know how to work with others and lead. Her failure as a leader has also affected the staff members in her office. It is expected that one of her former aides will come out with a tell-all book or report about the issues that they have been experiencing in the organization. This would bring down the vice president.

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