AOC Accuses Graham of Ethnic Cleansing Rhetoric in Israel War

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic firebrand from New York, is back at it again with her outrageous and baseless claims. This time, she’s attacking Senator Lindsey Graham for daring to speak the truth about the situation in Israel. According to Ocasio-Cortez, Graham’s comments advocating for Israel’s right to defend itself are nothing more than “textbook rhetoric of ethnic cleansing.” Can you believe the audacity?

In a clip shared on X, Graham expressed his unwavering support for our ally Israel and their right to protect themselves from terrorist attacks. He urged them to “do whatever the hell you have to do to defend yourself” and said they could level Gaza if necessary. Now, to any rational person, this is just common sense. But leave it to Ocasio-Cortez to twist his words and accuse him of justifying the “ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.” It’s absolutely absurd.

But let’s not forget, Ocasio-Cortez has a long history of being anti-Israel. She’s been a vocal critic of their government and a fierce advocate for Palestinians. While it’s fine to have differing opinions, it’s not okay to falsely accuse someone of advocating for ethnic cleansing. It’s a low blow and shows just how far Ocasio-Cortez is willing to go to push her far-left agenda.

In the midst of all this, Ocasio-Cortez did condemn the terrorist attacks by Hamas and the antisemitic rally in New York City over the weekend. However, her words come across as hollow and insincere. It’s clear that she only cares about her own political posturing and not the safety and security of the Israeli people. It’s a shame that we have elected officials like Ocasio-Cortez who prioritize their own agenda over the lives of innocent civilians.

As for Senator Graham, he has consistently been a strong advocate for Israel. His unwavering support and defense of our ally is commendable, especially in the face of a Biden administration that seems more interested in appeasing Iran than standing up for our allies. Graham has called out the administration’s weak policy toward Iran and rightly criticized their response to the attacks in Israel. It’s refreshing to see a politician who isn’t afraid to speak the truth, even if it means facing backlash from the radical left.

In the end, Ocasio-Cortez’s baseless accusations against Senator Graham only serve to further divide our country and muddy the waters of an already complex and difficult situation. It’s time for her to put aside her extremist agenda and start working towards real solutions that prioritize the safety and security of all people involved. But I won’t hold my breath.

Written by Staff Reports

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