AP Rushes to Downplay Biden’s Confusing Moment on Stage in Los Angeles

The Associated Press decided it was time for another round of “Let’s Defend Biden” by fact-checking his spaced-out moment at a recent Los Angeles fundraiser. President Biden found himself looking a bit lost on stage, and the AP rushed to remind everyone that there’s nothing to see here. Par for the course, though, their chosen sources are, shall we say, less than convincing. When you rely on a committee of Biden’s campaign spokesperson, Jimmy Kimmel’s people, and a handful of liberal attendees, it’s little wonder the “fact-check” is barely worth the pixels it’s displayed on.

Fox News’ Brit Hume threw in a half-hearted bone, guessing this wasn’t a true glitch in Biden’s mental matrix but merely a case of Obama pulling Biden off stage in a way that made it all look worse. Of course, Hume speculates Obama’s staff probably gave him an earful for making their boss look like he’s auditioning for a spot in “Weekend at Bernie’s.” That’s generous, especially when Biden delivered a rambling speech about non-existent job creation, leaving Obama with a face that said, “Please, Joe, not again.”

A video clip has been circulating on social media showing Obama having to practically drag Biden off stage. Despite the clear visual evidence, the AP insists it was just Biden soaking in the applause. According to the trusty White House team, Biden was simply enjoying the limelight for a few seconds, not exhibiting any signs of confusion or disorientation. Enter White House spokesperson Andrew Bates and Biden campaign spokesperson James Singer, armed with their usual deflective tactics. They label any negative interpretations as desperate distractions from Trump’s legal woes, effectively blaming the audience instead of addressing the elephant in the room: Biden’s cognitive fitness.

The AP “fact-check” even resorted to citing Karine Jean-Pierre and her pre-prepared lines about how Republicans are “desperate” with their “cheap fakes” videos, all to dismiss genuine concerns about Biden’s frail mental state as baseless attacks. It’s telling that they need so many voices to chorus in defense of a moment that, by their own account, was entirely innocuous.

And let’s be honest, the stakes aren’t high here. An entertainment reporter from a Hollywood outfit documented the spectacle. There’s no grand Republican conspiracy; just a bit of journalistic integrity making its rare appearance in Hollywood. But the AP and the Biden White House evidently hope enough smoke and mirrors will distract the public from any serious reflection on Biden’s capacity to lead.

So, what we have here is the latest episode of “Move along, folks, nothing to see!” with Biden apologists falling over themselves to downplay a President behaving like a confused grandparent. Just another day in the endlessly entertaining saga where media lapdogs sweep Biden’s embarrassing moments under the rug, hoping no one notices the lump.

Written by Staff Reports

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