Left and Media Allies Shield Biden by Calling Genuine Footage Cheap Fakes

The left and their media buddies are going to great lengths to shield President Joe Biden from any scrutiny, going so far as to dismiss concerning footage as “cheap fakes.” In their latest attempt, despite clear videos showing Biden’s physical and cognitive struggles, the White House has resorted to labeling them as manipulated.

Writer David Marcus breaks down the absurdity of this tactic, highlighting instances where Biden appears lost or incoherent, yet is dismissed as a “cheap fake.” It’s a desperate effort to gaslight the public into doubting what they can plainly see with their own eyes.

This tactic of denying reality isn’t new for the Democrats. Marcus points out their past maneuvers, such as falsely accusing border agents of using whips or dismissing damning evidence on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The pattern is clear: if the facts don’t fit their narrative, they’ll simply claim it’s fake news.

But no amount of denial can erase the truth. Americans are witnessing a president who is clearly struggling, and no amount of “cheap fake” claims can change that. The American people are not so easily fooled, and in the end, the facts will prevail over partisan games.

Written by Staff Reports

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