Trump Surges Ahead in 2024 Polls as Biden Struggles with Record Low Approval Ratings

The liberal media would have America believe that former President Donald Trump’s chances in the 2024 election are dwindling, but reality begs to differ. In fact, Trump’s prospects are soaring, much to the chagrin of President Joe Biden and his team of ankle biters. With Biden’s approval ratings cratering to historic lows, the stage is set for a Trump comeback that only the die-hard left could deny.

Recent Rasmussen Reports reveal that Trump is pulling ahead of Biden by what some might call a landslide margin. Trump is leading with a robust 46 percent of the vote, leaving Biden to scrape by with a measly 36 percent. It seems voters couldn’t care less about the 34 counts of alleged business record falsification hanging over Trump’s head. If anything, the fiasco has bolstered his support, further cementing the public’s weariness with political witch hunts.

Trump’s appeal is not limited to the national stage. He’s also crushing it in vital battleground states that could determine the fate of our nation. A recent Emerson College Polling/The Hill poll shows that Trump’s supposed political convictions are a non-issue among voters, with support remaining rock solid. In a direct face-off, Trump leads Sleepy Joe by nine points, racking up a lead that must have Democrats sweating bullets.

The latest Fox News poll tried to throw Biden a lifeline, suggesting he’s clawed back five points since March, giving him a minor two-point edge over Trump. Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, however, isn’t fazed. She assured the MAGA crowd not to place too much faith in these national polls. According to Sanders, the real battle comes down to key issues like the economy, border security, and national safety—areas in which Trump is undeniably dominant.

In swing states, where the election will be fiercely contested, Trump exhibits an edge that even Biden’s most loyal strategists can’t ignore. Executive director of Emerson College Polling, Spencer Kimball, suggests that support for both candidates has remained steady despite the media frenzy surrounding Trump’s legal battles. This shows that the American electorate is more concerned with failing policies than political theater.

As November approaches, Trump supporters can relish in the fact that the 45th President is raring for a comeback. Biden, with his broken promises and dismal record, has left many Americans longing for a return to sanity. Trump’s lead in polls and his stronghold on crucial states spell impending doom for the Biden presidency, gearing everyone up for what could be an epic return to the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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