Army Officer Believes Taiwan War Would Target Us Mainland

The top civilian officer of the US Army warned that China could launch a major attack on the homeland if a war breaks out over Taiwan or other areas in the Indo-Pacific.

Christine Wormuth, the secretary of the US Army, said during a speech that a major war with China could expose the country to various types of attacks, such as cyberattacks on pipelines and power grids. She noted that China would try to undermine the public's support for a conflict.

Despite the lack of preparation for an invasion, Chinese forces are not yet ready to carry out a major attack on Taiwan, according to US officials. The officer noted that the country's rapid modernization campaign has prompted the US to step up its preparations for a potential attack.

The commander of the US Army's Pacific division noted that the military exercises in the region are at their peak. He said that the US is ready to step up its efforts to maintain its advantage in the event of a conflict.

The officers noted that the US Army is very important to the country's security as it faces China. They urged members of Congress to keep the Army's importance in their minds when it comes to the upcoming budget.

Since the last decade, the federal government has been forced to carry out various funding mechanisms to ensure that the government's operations are not affected by the budget fights. These include the "continuing resolution." According to Wormuth, these mechanisms have limited the military's ability to prepare for a potential conflict with China.

The constant budget fights have made it difficult for the US Army to carry out its operations effectively. For instance, if the government is not able to fund programs for six months, the Army might not be able to start new projects.

Some of the Army's major projects, such as the development of new weapons systems, are also in jeopardy if the government goes into an extended budget dispute.

One of the Army's major projects is the development of new hypersonic missiles, which are expected to be operational in the coming months.

During a speech, Wormuth said that the first long-range hypersonic weapon would be operational by the fall. She also noted that the Army would be showcasing a prototype of its mid-range missile. This new weapon would allow the military to take out mobile targets.

China's growing land-based missile force is considered to be an alarming development.

According to Flynn, the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) forces are constantly practicing and experimenting. They are also developing new weapons systems for other purposes. Although he could not provide specific details about the ongoing operations of the Chinese military, he noted that the PLA's ground forces are in a dangerous position.

He noted that China's plan to remove US forces from the region has an important hole.

China's A2/AD weapon system is designed to defeat maritime and air capabilities. It also aims to disrupt, degrade, and deny space and cyber. According to Flynn, the Chinese system is not designed to find, fix, or finish ground forces that are capable of defeating their enemies.

Despite the threat of China's growing military, the US is still able to maintain its presence in the region by maintaining its supply and weapons depots in friendly countries. In February, the Pentagon was able to secure a significant victory by signing an agreement with the Philippines, which is a treaty ally of the US. The agreement allows the US to expand its military access to the country.

During a speech, Wormuth noted that the US could potentially work with the Philippines' military by providing them with various types of equipment. These include non-lethal weapons systems.

Chinese officials may find it difficult to carry out an invasion across the Strait of Taiwan due to its extreme difficulty.

However, he noted that it would be very difficult for China to carry out a successful invasion due to the complexity of the situation. He said that the US must be ready to prevent a potential conflict from happening.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner

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