Paul Ryan Refuses to Back Trump: “I Will Boycott RNC”

During a recent interview, Paul Ryan, who is a member of Fox Corporation’s Board of Directors and has been a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump for a long time, reiterated his dislike for the 45th president. Ryan stated that he will not attend the 2024 Republican National Convention if Trump becomes the GOP nominee. When asked about his whereabouts during the convention, Ryan said that it would depend on the nominee, and he would only attend if it was someone other than Trump.

Paul Ryan, the ex-Speaker of the House, made it clear that he would endorse any candidate except Trump. When asked about his preference for the 2024 election, Ryan replied that he did not have any preference as long as the candidate was not Donald Trump. He emphasized that if the GOP nominates Trump again, it would be a guaranteed loss, citing their defeat in previous elections. Ryan expressed his excitement about supporting someone who is not affiliated with Trump.

Paul Ryan has been openly critical of Trump since the 2016 election cycle, citing concerns about his language and positions. Ryan stated that Trump’s rhetoric was not in line with the values of the Republican Party. However, despite his criticism, a recent poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos revealed that Trump still has a strong grip on the Republican voting base. The poll indicates that 43 percent of respondents expressed their support for him, placing him in the lead among both announced and possible candidates.

Paul Ryan’s criticisms of Donald Trump highlight the rift between mainstream Republicans and those who endorse the former president. Despite Ryan’s vocal opposition to Trump, the poll shows that a considerable number of Republicans still stand behind him and his agenda. The upcoming 2024 election cycle will be intriguing to observe as this division within the party plays out, particularly concerning Trump’s possible nomination as the GOP candidate.

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