Attack On A Thai Daycare Leaves 38 Dead And 12 Hurt

On Thursday, a man opened fire and used knives in an attack on a preschool in Thailand, and at least 24 children were among those who were killed.

Panya Kamrab, 34 years old, a former police officer named Panya Kamrab was identified as the shooter by the local police force. Panya Kamrab had been fired from his position as a police lieutenant colonel in 2021 due to his drug use. According to the BBC, he slaughtered his loved ones, along with the children and employees at the preschool daycare center in Utthai Sawan, before taking his own life. The suspect would drop off his children at the school, according to a teacher who survived the incident, and he had given off the impression of being a pleasant man.

The officer killed his victims by shooting them and stabbing them before fleeing the scene, which led to a manhunt that ultimately led to his taking his own life.

According to the BBC, a local official stated that the shooter entered the childcare center around lunchtime and shot four or five employees there before moving on to target children. At the time of the shooting, one of the educators who was slain was eight months pregnant. In addition, according to several witnesses, Kamrab attempted to flee the scene by driving his vehicle into a crowd of onlookers, causing some of them to sustain injuries. It is not yet obvious what Kamrab's motivations are.

According to NPR, there have been 35 fatalities, including 24 children and 11 adults. According to the publication, some of the victims were as young as two years old when they were attacked while they were sleeping. Those who made it out of the fire have been taken to the Nong Bau Lamphu District Hospital.

According to Reuters, Thailand has a high prevalence of gun ownership; nonetheless, the country almost never experiences widespread shootings. According to NPR, the rate of mortality caused by firearms in 2019 was approximately 4 per 100,000 people.

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