Axelrod Unfazed by Biden Blast, Casts Doubt on 2024 Chances

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod may be feeling the burn after President Joe Biden reportedly lit into him with some choice words. But instead of responding with anger, Axelrod decided to hit back by critiquing Biden’s re-election bid. Axelrod openly doubted Biden’s chances, and it seems that didn’t sit well with the president. Reports have surfaced claiming that Biden called Axelrod a not-so-nice name after hearing his criticism.

Axelrod, known for his sharp political mind, didn’t back down and threw some serious shade in response. In an opinion piece written by Maureen Dowd for The New York Times, Axelrod made it clear that he wasn’t fazed by the insult. In fact, he went on to highlight the troubling trend of polls showing Biden’s popularity slipping. As Axelrod elaborated on the dipping numbers, he gave a stark 50-50 shot assessment for Biden’s re-election, and even suggested that it might be worse.

He then drew a comparison to the 2016 election, pointing out the danger of counting on a polarizing figure like Trump to secure a victory. And just when you thought he was done, Axelrod took a swing at Biden’s age, hinting that the president’s advancing years might become a liability.

Biden may have more to worry about than just Axelrod’s criticism, as it’s clear that many voters aren’t as sold on his re-election bid as they once were. The clock is ticking, and Biden will have to address these issues sooner rather than later, no matter how many insults he hurls.

Axelrod’s brutal honesty has certainly thrown a wrench into Biden’s hope for a smooth path to re-election. The president may want to consider rallying his base instead of throwing around tantrums and vulgarities. After all, the numbers don’t lie, and they’re not looking good for the Biden camp.

And as for the folks at The Western Journal, they’re standing firm against the tide of Big Tech and advertisers who want to stifle their voice. They’re calling on supporters to donate and help them continue their mission of reporting the truth. It looks like the fight for America’s values is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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