Axelrod Unfazed by Biden Insult, Says Prez Can’t ‘Cheat Nature’

In response to President Biden's rumoured characterization of former Obama adviser David Axelrod as a "prick," Axelrod maintained his position, asserting that the president may encounter severe consequences if he deems it possible to "cheat nature." In support of Axelrod, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd criticized Biden for engaging in "petty feuds."

Evidently unyielding, Axelrod told Dowd, "I could care less if they think I'm a prick; that's perfectly fine." "While the polls are accurate, I sincerely hope they do not believe otherwise."

Biden believes he can "cheat nature," Axelrod stated, drawing parallels to Hillary Clinton's futile attempt at the same. Dowd noted that Axelrod has previously supported Biden. Axelrod stated, "I believe he has a 50/50 chance over him, but no better or worse." "He recklessly believes he can deceive nature in this location. Counting on Trump to secure victory for them would be a significant error of judgment. "Hillary also seemed to engage in that"

According to Jonathan Martin, a columnist for Politico, Biden allegedly referred to Axelrod as a "prick" in private at the beginning of November. As observed by Dowd, the president's outburst of fury suggests that he might be encircled by enablers who are embellishing a bleak political prognosis.

Biden's "chip on his shoulder" was a criticism levelled by Dowd, who also noted that Axelrod received a multitude of communications from individuals who shared his assessment of the most recent polling.

It is beyond reproach, according to Axelrod, for Biden to consider the surveys, that he could care less about Biden's opinion of him. Conversely, he ought to restrain himself from succumbing to the Irish boulder that is perched on his shoulder. Dowd wrote, criticizing Biden's demeanour, "He ought to convene the most astute members of his party and solicit their input, rather than becoming entangled in trivial disputes."

After a poll found Biden trailing Donald Trump in several crucial battleground states, indicating grave concern for Biden's prospects, Axelrod suggested it might be "wise" for the president to consider withdrawing from the race.

Axelrod stated on CNN that he was aware of the president's annoyance but maintained his stance regarding the allegations. "I acknowledge his irritation, as I brought up concerns shared by a substantial number of Democrats. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that you should either leave or begin. However, he stressed unequivocally that the current state of affairs, their approach to the campaign, and this "What, me, worry?" mentality would not lead him to his desired destination.

Although the president may have found it "uncomfortable," Axelrod revealed that numerous individuals have expressed their "relief" that Biden was the subject of such remarks. Indicating that he is unafraid to be criticized further, he stated, "I will accept the president's displeasure as a matter of course."

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