Johnson Fires at Biden’s Xi Flop: Energy Experts Dub ‘Climate’ Deal Futile

The national embarrassment of President Joe Biden’s administration is going from bad to worse. In an interview, House Republican Speaker Mike Johnson stated that Biden is “projecting weakness” on the world stage. Johnson believes that projecting weakness invites aggression, and at a dangerous time like this, it is not the right move. He also points out Biden’s physical and mental weakness, which is becoming more evident to the public.

However, it’s not just Biden’s personal weaknesses that are hurting America; it’s also the policies being implemented by a Democratic administration that is too far left. From the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan to inviting the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Biden’s policies are projecting weakness for the whole country.

One example of this weakness is the recent discussion between Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Despite having leverage over China, Biden failed to secure promises from Xi. In fact, the agreement they reached on limiting the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the military is seen as worthless by conservative commentator Helen Raleigh. China has already committed significant resources to AI research and development, and they are unlikely to change their course based on discussions with Americans. Another concerning development is the energy deal announced between the United States and China, where both countries agreed to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030. While this might please liberal Americans who support renewable energy, it’s detrimental for the security and pocketbooks of American citizens. China already dominates the “green” energy market and this deal only helps them further.

Daniel Turner, founder and CEO of Power the Future, criticized the energy deal for guaranteeing China a customer and decades of wealth. He believes it’s disastrous for American consumers. Jason Isaac, founder and CEO of The American Energy Institute, accused the Biden administration of putting China first and America last. The deal is seen as another step towards government control of the economy and a national security hazard. Overall, Biden’s decisions and policies are weakening the US abroad and domestically. His economic policies are eroding America’s industrial base and the strength of the dollar. Unless voters make a change in 2024, Biden’s weakness will continue to project far into the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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