Backlash Erupts as Target Peddles Controversial Nonbinary Kids’ Book!

Target is once again stirring up controversy by promoting LGBT products, this time with a nonbinary children’s book called Bye Bye, Binary. The book, penned by Eric Geron, a New York Times bestseller, revolves around a newborn who defies societal gender norms and embraces toys, colors, and clothes that bring them joy. According to Bookshop, this tongue-in-cheek board book is not only an instrument to empower children to be true to themselves, but also makes for a delightful baby shower gift for soon-to-be parents.

Earlier this year, Target faced criticism for their extensive selection of LGBT-themed merchandise, including lights, books, and sandals, in anticipation of Pride month. However, what really ruffled conservative feathers was the marketing of Pride-themed items aimed at newborns and young children. The introduction of Bye Bye, Binary has seemingly fanned the flames of this controversy once again.

Social media platforms such as X, formerly known as Twitter, have been ablaze with conservative users expressing their discontent. One user pointed out that Target is selling this book for children aged 4-8, suggesting that the retailer hasn’t learned from their previous financial losses of around $9 billion due to their ill-fated Pride Collection. Another post vehemently stated that children shouldn’t be exposed to this type of material, while another user sarcastically recommended offering pride products as a surefire way to drive a company toward bankruptcy.

As a conservative observer, it is disconcerting to witness major retailers like Target actively promoting a cultural agenda that challenges traditional family values. By peddling books like Bye Bye, Binary, they are normalizing a controversial perspective on gender identity among impressionable young children. It is crucial for responsible parents and concerned citizens to remain vigilant and vocal in the face of these attempts to shape our children’s minds.

Written by Staff Reports

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