Ohio Abortion Push: A Trojan Horse to Crush Parental Rights?

In a stunning revelation, a key figure behind Ohio’s push to amend the state constitution has admitted that their radical abortion agenda is nothing more than a “Trojan horse” to undermine parental rights. Kellie Copeland, the executive director of Pro-Choice Ohio and a leader in the coalition behind the amendment, candidly revealed their true intentions. It seems that for these abortion activists, the well-being and rights of parents are simply collateral damage in their quest for unrestricted access to abortion.

Copeland expressed concerns about how to handle parental consent and minors who can’t involve their parents in their medical decisions. While this may seem like a legitimate issue to some, it is clear that the amendment’s supporters have a callous disregard for the role parents play in their children’s lives. When questioned about spelling out protections for parental consent, Copeland dismissively stated, “Not really.” It is evident that their primary focus is on ensuring that anyone who seeks an abortion can obtain it, no matter the consequences for parents.

This is a deeply troubling attitude, one that undermines the fundamental importance of parental rights. While proponents of the amendment may tout hypothetical cases of abuse or incest as justifications for their extreme stance, it is not an excuse to strip all parents of their vital role in raising children. Parental involvement laws exist to protect families and uphold the best interests of children. It is alarming that those behind the amendment fail to recognize this.

Furthermore, there is a growing chorus within the pro-abortion coalition openly advocating for the eradication of parental rights. The group Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE) has shamelessly declared that parental involvement laws are “unethical” and must be abolished. They even used International Cat Day to demand an end to such laws, showing a complete disregard for the importance of parental consent in critical decisions.

It is clear that the amendment’s backers are finally coming clean about their true intentions. Protect Women Ohio, a group committed to championing women and parents in the state, astutely recognizes the dangers posed by this radical amendment. Not only does it eliminate parental involvement laws, restricting parents from making decisions that profoundly impact their children’s lives, but it also fails to provide any protections for women and unborn children, even up to the ninth month of pregnancy. This extreme amendment is a blatant overreach and goes against Ohio’s values.

Ohioans must not be fooled by the deceptive rhetoric of these abortion activists. This amendment is not about healthcare or protecting women’s rights; it is an assault on parental rights and an attempt to push a radical abortion agenda. Parents play a crucial role in their children’s lives, and their voices and rights must be respected. Ohio deserves better than this extreme and dangerous proposal.

Written by Staff Reports

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