Bannon Exposes Barr & Wray: Traitors Against Trump & GOP!

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has finally been called out for what he is: a traitor to the Republican Party. Steve Bannon, everyone’s favorite political strategist and media figure, has leveled accusations against Barr, claiming that he is “dumping on Donald Trump” and has dubbed him a “traitor.” Bannon is known for his combative style and provocative statements, and he has outdone himself this time.

During his fiery monologue on his radio show with Rudy Giuliani, Bannon accused Barr of misdirection, stating, “When Bill Barr is out there and now dumping on Donald Trump, that’s a misdirection play. Bill Barr is a traitor. Let me just cut to the chase, he’s a traitor. And so is Chris Wray. They’re traitors.” He also implicated FBI Director Chris Wray in his tirade, suggesting that they are both traitors.

Bannon’s accusations stem from the handling of Hunter Biden’s laptop by the FBI and DOJ in the winter months of 2019. He claims that they had the information from the laptop as early as December 2019, but failed to act on it until after the 2020 election. This is just further proof of the deep state’s attempt to undermine our great President Donald Trump.

Barr’s recent interview about former President Trump’s legal exposure regarding the classified documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate really set Bannon off. Barr stated that Trump’s claim of “automatically” declassifying the documents when they were placed into boxes is not going to be accepted and further stated that Trump is “very exposed” legally in this case. Bannon warned Barr that he could face trial if Republicans take back the White House in 2024​. We need more people like Bannon exposing these traitors for what they are.

Source: Trending Politics

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